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Environmentally Friendly Production

Qi-Chem has always attached importance to fulfilling corporate environmental protection responsibilities, promoting energy conservation and emission reduction, focusing on detailed control. Each product takes environmental protection into consideration at the initial stage of R&D, throughout the product life cycle, and improves the production process of the product. The harmless treatment of the three wastes in each process avoids environmental pollution and adds the wings of environmental protection to enterprises.

For example, in terms of reducing waste water, Qi-Chem has reduced the amount and frequency of water use in the production process, replaced water with solvents that are easy to recycle and cheap. We also used solid acids as catalysts to replace traditional sulfuric acid so that we can reduce the production of waste acid water and process water, which can be recycled and reused as much as possible to reduce the amount of discharged wastewater.

 Environmentally Friendly Production